Mobile Challenge

UPDATE: The winner is weClean! Read all about it here (sorry, but this is in Norwegian) 

The ten finalists in our Mobile Challenge are now selected, and on June 6th they all pitched their ideas in front of a jury.

The winner will be announced on the 13th of June and will be awarded 100.000 NOK!  Stay tuned.

We would like to give a warm thanks all the contributors. We received a ton of great ideas, and the selection process was not easy.

Good luck to all the contestants on your journey to develop your ideas further!

Rewards for the winner

The reward is 100 000 NOK to further develop your service. In addition, a few of the best teams can be shortlisted to spend three months in an accelerator with Startuplab and Telenor to further develop the service / idea as well as being supported in launching the service to customers in Norway. And if it’s a success, the next step for the right service could be launch towards Telenor’s 200mill+ customers globally.


  • 12th of May: Kickoff at Startuplab (NB: You don’t have to attend to participate in the challenge. The event will we recorded and shared afterwards)
  • 27th of May: Submission deadline
  • 6th of June: Pitching finale (Up to 10 selected services/teams)
  • 13th of June: Winner announced
  • Primo September: Possible start of accelerator for selected ideas/teams




To attend the challenge, you must have an end user service (or idea) for the Norwegian mobile market. We will use the three following criteria to select a winner:

  1. Value for end user: Service should solve a real problem – and the problem should be clear.
  2. Maturity & feasibility: Service should be launched/in demo, or a high probability that service may be launched (not to high complexity)
  3. Degree of innovation:  Completely new or just incremental

In addition,  we will judge the “wow factor” of both the idea,  presentation, etc. The best services will be invited to pitch in front of the jury the 6th of June.

Who can attend

Everyone may attend, except employees (or close relatives) of Startuplab and Telenor.


The jury will consist of representatives from Startuplab, Telenor and third parties. The jury will be announced later.